Product Specifications

Complete Sun Protection

Provide complete sun glare protection by blocking up to 80% visible light in full tint mode

Heat Insulation

Block up to 99% of UV, and 80% of Infrared.

No Wires

Automatically adjusts and darkens to balance the sun heat through out the day without any wiring hastle.  

ECO Friendly

Powered by heat from direct sunlight so no manual, mechanical & electrical intervention

High Comfort

Block out your desired level of light leaving a perfect lit atmosphere to suit your comfort level. 

Easy Installation

Can be customized to almost any shape, and can be installed very easily. 

INTELLI© Sun Chromatic Glass.

INTELLI© Sun Chromatic Glass ensures that your room or space is never too dark, never too bright or never too hot. This means no longer choosing between personal comfort and abundant daylight. Sun Chromatic Glass also blocks 98% of UV that can cause furniture, carpets and art work to deteriorate, protecting them from high Sun exposures and allowing you to enjoy its natural light needed.


Let us know your requirements and We’ll find a solution to your privacy glass needs. By offering superior quality, customizable privacy glass in shorter lead times – at the right price.

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