Product Specifications

Custom Width & Length

Achieve any required custom width and length for your privacy glass

Own The Control

Control any desired area of your glass surface by switching it ON/OFF at any given time.

Low Power Consumption

< 5W/ SQM.

Environmental Friendly

Completely environmental and ECO friendly with extreme low power consumption.

Various Controls

Can be controlled through App on any Smart phone device. Either phone or tablet. 

Easy Installation

Can be customized to almost any shape, and can be installed very easily. 

More about INTELLI© Smart Blinds.

INTELLI© Smart Blinds offers even more versatility to its users by offering custom sized strips to their Glass instantly so their privacy level adapts to their situations. This allows the users to effortlessly manage different areas of their privacy glass by using their smartphones or tablets.


Let us know your requirements and We’ll find a solution to your privacy glass needs. By offering superior quality, customizable privacy glass in shorter lead times – at the right price.

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