Convert any existing glass into smart glass

Upgrade your traditional glass panels to Smart Glass with INTELLI © SELF ADHESIVE SMART FILM by simply sticking it on your current glass panel

Product Specifications

High Level Transparency

Achieve instant privacy at the flick of a switch!

Easy Installation

Can be customized to almost any shape, and can be installed very easily. 

Low Power Consumption

< 5W/ SQM

Explosion Proof

Against any strong Impact, power of absorbing any strong direct or indirect Impact.

Various Controls

Can be controlled through various control functions, such as dimmer, Mobile app etc.  

Heat Insulation

Block more than 90% of UV, and 80% of Infrared.

More about INTELLI© Self Adhesive Smart Film.

INTELLI© Self Adhesive Smart Film is a liquid crystal film that allow users to immediate switch its privacy from translucent to transparent. With its ability to stick on any transparent surface, it allow users to upgrade any transparent glass to switchable privacy glass. INTELLI© Self Adhesive Smart Film can be used on windows, projection screens and other applications.


Let us know your requirements and We’ll find a solution to your privacy glass needs. By offering superior quality, customizable privacy glass in shorter lead times – at the right price.

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